lehtijuttu copy
verkaranta 27.11 copy4
myllypirtti 30.08 copy
Rakvere 24.3. 1995
Kuressaare 20.2.2001
Perenäitus Kärdla 19.12.1992
Raemuuseum 8.10.1992
R-kunst 10.1994
Klaasmägi 2005
Rakvere linnaorkester 1995

A creative soul with a burning passion to create.

Through various painting techniques I describe motives of everything between heaven and earth.

My style reflects the beauty of nature in a more realistic way than abstract,

natural and vibrant, but without striving to depict identical.

Many of my paintings tell of where seas and lakes meet the beaches,

where nature can be just as clean and wild as it actually is with the lack of people and urbanism.


The technique I use in my creations ranging from oil to pastel, pencil and acrylic,

the latter of which has become something out of a favorite in recent years.

My paintings have been exhibited including Sweden, Finland and Estonia

exhibitions and received good response from visitors.


In addition to painting, I am a trained designer at the Estonian Art Academy

and has for many years worked in various design fields.

Among other things, graphic design, interior architecture and

product design, where I worked in both the PC and the Mac to produce the drawings.

Textile Weaving is another out of the many areas I use to express my art.


The creation is who I am and what I do.